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Mobile bingo is extremely fun and rewarding, and we are here today to show you that it is equally as easy to play, and arguably far easier than playing live. Right, so before we can begin we must have found a site we are happy with, got that? Good! Next we make a deposit (not forgetting to snap up a sweet bonus while we’re at it), all done? Excellent! Well then now we are ready to get to playing. When you load up the site the first thing to do is to click on the bingo tab at the top. This will load up all the games that are available to play and weeds out everything else on their site such as the slots or promotions. Here they will show you a schedule of games available for the day along with a window displaying which games will be starting very shortly. Each game displayed will inform you the price per ticket, the minimum prize that is offered and its starting time. Easy enough so far. Select the game you would like to play by clicking the play me button beside the game. Here an option will pop up for how many tickets you would like to purchase for that particular game. 

Mobile Bingo games typically allow you to purchase up to 18 tickets at a time, and no need to worry about missing numbers, the program will automatically mark the numbers for you making sure you don’t miss a thing. Once you have selected your number of tickets they will tell you the total price for that and ask you to confirm. Once this has been done you simply wait for the timer to count down and the game will begin. When the game will often be played on a separate window that has popped up allowing you to concentrate fully on the game. All of your tickets will be on display, but if you have purchased a full amount then they may not all fit on the screen, in this case you will only be shown the tickets that are closest to winning, and they will constantly change position keeping the ones you want to be watching at the top. 

As the game proceeds the numbers will be called out the same as when live, and the computer will automatically mark the numbers off for you. This will save you the hassle of rushing about trying to make sure you don’t miss a number and actually allow you to enjoy the mobile bingo game more, following only the tickets that are close to winning and getting the rush of excitement which is what it’s all about! When you eventually win a game(sooner rather than later we hope!) a notification will pop up letting you know how much you have won, and that money will be placed into your account. 

Once the Mobile Bingo game has finished and all the prizes have been won, you will find yourself back at the original screen, with a window showing which games are soon to begin allowing you to make the decision to play again or to take a break. So as you can see playing online bingo is rather simple, and can be a lot more rewarding as it’s been designed to give you maximum enjoyment weeding out all the work that used to have to be done.

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